1911 Type CS2 De Dion Bouton Tourer


1911 Type CS2 De Dion Bouton Tourer

Engine no. 6765C; Gearbox no. 26183

The Type CS2 has a 14hp, four-cylinder engine of 2121cc with mechanical valves, a double sleeve sliding pinion, four-speed gearbox, and a pressed steel chassis. It was launched at the Paris Salon at the end of November 1911, and remained in production until the end of the following year. With a price tag of F.Fr 8,100, it was aimed at the higher end of the market, and sold well. An example of this particular model can be found at the Shlumpf Museum in France.

This car was imported from France some years ago, and following a substantial restoration of the open bodied tourer coachwork, has been fastidiously maintained. It starts easily, requires little effort to maintain a steady cruising speed of 40+mph, is extremely comfortable for front and rear passengers, and is well equipped with enough brass equipment to keep the most fastidious of polishers well occupied.

Asking price is £60,000 (to include a complete set of well-made covers).

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