Virtual Veteran Car Run 2020

Denis Bass Participated in The Virtual Veteran Car Run with AA1 The 1905 Renault.

The RM Sotherby’s Virtual Veteran Car Run 2020

The Virtual VCR began as always with the car emerging from the hotel (home) garage.


It was not long before we were crossing the river Thames over Westminster Bridge (The Cuckmere river over Exceat bridge).

As we drove south entering the towns en-route the weather deteriorated, it was soon time for a coffee stop (Cuckmere Inn, Seaford) and a check on the engine to ensure all was OK. All in order we headed south over the rolling hills of the South Downs.


Finally we entered Brighton (Seaford) time for a refuel and the finishing line.


The day would not be complete without the dinner at the Grand (Lunch at the The Jugg’s Arms) with like-minded friends – six only of course !!


And so for 2020 a year to remember, we look forward to 2021.

Denis Bass and AA1 The 1905 Renault.