2020 South-East AGM

Posted on October 21, 2020

Dear Fellow SE Section members

As disappointing as it is, I believe we have all accepted the fact that this year we are learning all about the “new normal” in our lives.

Within the Veteran Car Club we are no different and as a result you will see that we are dealing with the South East Section AGM in a completely different way this year:


Veteran Car Club of Great Britain Veteran Car Company Ltd
South East Section

Please reply to: Barbara Greaves
15 The Ridgeway
BN20 0EU
Telephone 01323 422258

NOTICE is hereby given that the 71st ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
of the South East Section of the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain
of the South East Section of Veteran Car Company Limited will be held at 11am
an online Microsoft Teams link

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we will not be holding our AGM at the usual venue (Hickstead Hotel) but will instead send all members the AGM pack via email (or post) to include a voting paper to vote on the election of Officers on the SE Section committee. Also you will be given an opportunity to vote on the Treasurers report and the SE Section representative on the executive committee of VCC Ltd. This whole process will be managed by our Secretary and she will take the minutes of the meeting. That will conclude our 2020 AGM, however for those who wish to participate in the online meeting (22 November) you will need to inform the secretary by
14 November of this and you will subsequently be emailed a link to the meeting with detailed instructions on how to participate. This meeting is expected to last around 30 minutes; the online meeting is simply to ratify all the details in the reports that you will have received by email or by post. Any AOB agenda item for the AGM MUST be submitted to the secretary by 7 November. There will not be the opportunity for any online discussion at the meeting on 22 November, but the Committee will endeavour to address any points raised during the meeting. The online meetings will start promptly at 11am on 22 November.

All South East Section members are eligible to vote at both the AGM for the South East Section of the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain and the AGM for the South East Section of the Veteran Car Company Limited.

Voluntary Contributions
We would like to thank members for their generosity in contributing to section’s funds in previous years. Your contributions are crucial to enable us to cover the ongoing and ever increasing costs of running and administering the section’s activities, including running the section’s website. We hope that your generosity will again extend to sending a small contribution to our funds.

Many Thanks

Stay safe.

Denis Bass
Chairman VCC SE Section